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About as-needed registration of the recruitment project

We will hold a partner qualification review for the registration for the goods contract and construction contract, etc. (operations related to construction work, vehicles, etc. and investigation, design, and measurement operations) as follows. The partners who pass the qualification review shall be registered as our scheduled partners.
*This will apply only to those partner candidates who have applied for registration for the competition participation qualification or for the announcement of mandatory requirements to the registration recruitment project.

Partner qualification review (preliminary review)

1. Implementation of the preliminary review

For applications of new partners, we will hold a preliminary review (primary review). In the preliminary review, we comprehensively examine mainly whether you meet the standards and specifications we expect, whether you have sufficient technological capability, etc.
○ For goods partner registration, we will conduct a technical test in principle.
*Please note that if the email address entered is wrong, we cannot send the preliminary review application documents and you will be excluded from the subjects of the qualification review.

2. Preliminary review result notification

As the preliminary review result notification, we shall send the details of the partner qualification review described in the following section to those partners who pass the review by email. This email is the notification of acceptance of the preliminary review.
If you are rejected, no notification will be sent. If it is not distributed by the deadline specified for each recruitment project, it indicates rejection. Even if you pass the preliminary review, you will not be registered as our scheduled partner unless you pass the partner qualification review described in the following section.

Partner qualification review (secondary review)

1. Implementation of the secondary review

We will distribute the electronic data of the partner qualification review application documents and guide to the contact email address you entered in the application form by the specified deadline for each recruitment project.
Submit it by our specified method and by the specified deadline (about two weeks from distribution) described in the email.
In the partner qualification review (secondary review), we shall comprehensively review mainly whether your management condition, supply capacity, maintenance, and service organization, meet our standards.

2. Secondary review result notification

We plan to notify the result of the qualification review by mail and by the specified deadline described in the email. The notification timing may vary according to the condition of the qualification review.
If you pass the partner qualification review, you will be registered as our scheduled partner.

Registration (qualification review result) effective period

Contract conclusion date to March 31, 2018

Click here for application

If you would like to be our partner, access the "Application for Preliminary Partner Qualification Review form (as needed)" from the following link, fill in the form, and send it to the delivery destination by the specified deadline.

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