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Tokyo Metro Procurement Policy

Tokyo Metro is a key pillar of Tokyo’s transportation network. To provide better services that are safe, secure, and comfortable, we ensure optimal procurement practices with a broad, global perspective when sourcing goods and services, in a transparent, fair, and impartial manner that ensures high quality.
As a good corporate citizen, we procure goods and services in socially and environmentally responsible ways.
Through such procurement activities, we aim to build stronger partnerships with suppliers and contribute to creating a sustainable society.

1. Selecting Suppliers

We select optimal suppliers who can guarantee high quality at every step from purchase to after-sales service.

2. Building Relationships of Trust with Suppliers

We build relationships of trust through proactive communication with suppliers.
We work as good partners with suppliers to cooperate in fulfilling our social responsibilities.

3. Managing Transaction Information

We rigorously manage all forms of information relating to business transactions, including personal data and intellectual property.

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