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Social Medial Policy

This social media policy shows the policy of Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tokyo Metro") to make use of social media. This policy introduces the social media officially managed by Tokyo Metro and specifies the cautions and management policy for use. The matters specified here shall apply all users of the official account of Tokyo Metro and its associated services (hereinafter referred to as "Customers").

Social Medial Policy

1. Attitude

  • We will be responsible for transmission and handling of information and careful not to be misleading.
  • We will try to transmit correct information.
  • We will protect personal information and will not transmit any personal information of concerned parties without permissions.
  • We understand that it is impossible to completely delete information once it is published.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations.

2. Disclaimer

  • Please note that Tokyo Metro may change, suspend, or discontinue information on our account without prior notice.
  • Tokyo Metro will not accept any requests for linking from our site to any other sites. (All sites linked from our site are selected by Tokyo Metro.)
  • Tokyo Metro will not guarantee the correctness, integrity, legality, nor any other properties of information provided by any other persons than Tokyo Metro, its contractors, and any other users in the corresponding services.
  • Tokyo Metro will not be responsible for any damage caused by the ability and inability to use information and any damage caused by suspension or discontinuation of the management of the corresponding services or changes in information regardless of the reason.
  • Tokyo Metro pays attention to any aspects when publishing information through the corresponding services, but we will not guarantee the usability, correctness, nor safety upon usage of such information (occurrence of errors, etc., correction in the event of any problems, ingress of any other harmful things like computer viruses, etc.).

3. For Customers

  • Due to the nature of social media, the transmitted information does not necessarily indicate our official announcement. Please note that transmitted information may be changed later.
  • Upon using the social media of Tokyo Metro or any of its associated services, please see the terms of use of the corresponding service.
  • Usage of any such services shall be regarded as agreement to their corresponding policies.
  • Tokyo Metro may change the policies without prior notice. In this case, the latest policy shall apply to the usage of the corresponding social media.
  • Unless otherwise specified by Tokyo Metro, the changed policies shall come into effect when they are displayed on this page.

Official social media account

As of now, the official account of the social media managed by Tokyo Metro (Japanese version) is as follows:


Tokyo Metro Official

  • In principle, tweets are delivered on weekdays.
  • In principle, we will not reply to any tweets to this account.
Delivery contents
  • Update information of the contents provided on the Web site of Tokyo Metro
  • Announcement about campaigns, etc.
  • Other


TBS TV "Met-Log" - Outing by Tokyo Metro

  • We may reply to your comments.
  • Please note that we will not necessarily reply to your comments.
Delivery contents
  • Broadcast from 11:40AM on every Sunday. This is the official Facebook page of "Met-Log," which is an information program to introduce sightseeing spots along each line of Tokyo Metro.
  • This Facebook account introduces not only the sightseeing spots introduced in the program but also information of the surrounding spots exclusively on Facebook. Don't miss it!

Tokyo Metro service manager "Ekino Michika"

  • We may reply to your comments.
  • Please note that we will not necessarily reply to your comments.
Delivery contents
  • This Facebook page delivers the event information of the areas along each line, daily life, etc. of the service manager Ekino Michika from the viewpoint of Ekino Michika.
  • Konmichika (Hello)♪ Nice to meet you! I'm a service manager, Ekino Michika. Usually I navigate Customers. This work is really deep... I will study harder to be able to help our Customers more. Thank youJ(∂ω∂)J


Tokyo Metro official channel

  • This channel introduces the corporate advertising videos of Tokyo Metro available now.


"Customer Center" will welcome your opinions, requests, questions, etc. about Tokyo Metro.

9:00 to 20:00 7 days a week

  • *Note 1: Please confirm the phone number upon usage to avoid mistake.
  • *Note 2: Please note that we record your calls to reflect the contents correctly.