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Though we appreciate your patronage to "Metro Card", "NS Metro Card", and "SF Metro Card (including Passnet)" for a long time, we decided to discontinue the handling of those cards on March 31 (Tuesday), 2015 due to its decreased use. We only continue to refund the cards.
Refund will be terminated on January 31 (Wednesday), 2018.

Handling of Metro Card, NS Metro Card, and SF Metro Card

Handling until March 31 (Tuesday), 2015

  • Exchanging to Tickets using Automatic Ticket Machine
  • Fare Adjustment with Fare Adjustment Machine
  • Migration to PASMO*
  • Refund
  • Some cards including the Metro Card etc. may not be available for refund.

Handling starts from April 1 (Wednesday), 2015

  • Refund

Refund of your "Metro Card" etc.

For your "Metro Card", "NS Metro Card", and "SF Metro Card (including Passnet)"
As for the card remaining balance, we continue to refund without charge at Tokyo Metro Stations (except Kita-senju, Naka-meguro, Nakano, Nishi-funabashi, Yoyogi-uehara, Wakoshi Stations(Hibiya Line) and Shibuya and Meguro Stations (Hanzomon Line/Fukutoshin Line)).

Refund will be terminated on January 31 (Wednesday), 2018.


  • Refund may not be available on the day claimed depending on the balance/the number of your "Metro Card", etc.
  • What and where to refund may be different at Kita-senju Station (Hibiya Line), Naka-meguro Station, Yoyogi-uehara Station, Wakoshi Station and Shibuya Station (Hanzomon Line/Fukutoshin Line), and Meguro Station.
  • Any service are not available at Nakano Station. Refund is not available at Nishi-funabashi Station.
  • We may not be able to provide you with prompt service for a large volume of cards or high amount of refund as well as during early morning and midnight, etc. We apologize in advance for this.
  • Refund by mail or bank transfer is not available.
  • Consult our "Inquiries" page for any questions.