Our subway is heading toward the future. We want it

to be safer, more convenient, and more fun. Tokyo Metro

will keep moving forward with a variety of initiatives,

such as renovating its stations, installing platform doors,

and alleviating congestion. When you say,

“I wish we could...” we want to make your wish come true.

GO! Metro!



“From cram-packed to smooth!” has been added to the GALLERY.
“Bringing the old downtown to life.” has been added to the GALLERY.

From cram-packed
to smooth!

Relieving congestion in stations

Extending. Increasing. Expanding.
We have a variety of plans to help reduce
congestion in Tokyo Metro stations,
including major improvements to platforms
and concourses.
It’s all to make Tokyo Metro more comfortable
and fun to ride. Go, Metro!

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Bringing the
old downtown to life.

Ginza Line Shitamachi Area
 Station Renewal

Asia’s first subway began service between Ueno and Asakusa 90 years ago.
Today Ginza line stations in the shitamachi (old downtown) area are undergoing renewal.
Bringing the old downtown to life. Go, Metro!

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Thinking bigger
for safety.

“Natural Disaster Countermeasures“ version

To make the subway safer in the event of heavy rains, earthquakes, and power outages,
Tokyo Metro is taking its countermeasures against natural disasters even further.
We are working on providing more information during emergencies, installing fully watertight entrances,
and lots more measures to keep you safe and secure. Go, Metro!

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More platform
more safety.

more safety.

“Making Platforms Safer” version

To ensure safety on station platforms, we are working harder to reach out to passengers with special needs.
Platform doors are being installed in stations at a rapid pace,
and all Tokyo Metro station staff are doing more to help. Go Metro!

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 Get comfortable.

“Station Environment and Functional Improvements” version

With improved benches, multi-functional
restrooms and more,
we’re launching
new efforts to make stations even more
comfortable and pleasant.

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Your language
is aboard!

We've made Tokyo Metro even easier to understand.
International visitors can use Tokyo Metro comfortably and confidently. Go! Metro!

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Platform Doors

We're introducing platform doors in all stations.
Tokyo Metro is doing all it can to reduce the number of passengers falls and contact with trains to zero.

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