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Corporate Information

Tokyo Metro Procurement Guidelines


The Tokyo Metro Procurement Guidelines ("these guidelines") set out a specific day-to-day code of conduct for putting our Procurement Policy into practice. We have developed these guidelines to aid the understanding of those wishing to do business with Tokyo Metro ("Tokyo Metro"), in order to facilitate the procurement practices we aim for. Also, we ask that our suppliers comply with these guidelines.

1. Supplier Selection

Quality and after-sales service

  • Supply goods and services that ensure high quality in order to provide better services that are safe, secure, and comfortable.
  • Prioritize after-sales service, including stable supply of parts ensuring high quality during regular operations.
  • Implement swift initial response in the event of breakdown or malfunction, investigate causes, and offer lasting solutions.

Value and timely delivery

  • Supply goods and services offering fair value and appropriate delivery.

2. Relationships of Trust with Suppliers

Transparency, fairness, and impartiality

  • Conduct all business processes in a transparent, fair, and impartial manner.

Appropriate working conditions and working environments

  • Ensure appropriate working conditions and safe, hygienic working environments for all employees.
    Make every effort to prevent work accidents.

Environmental responsibility

  • Make continual efforts to reduce environmental burden through conservation and effective use of resources, appropriate procurement of materials, and proper management of chemical substances and waste.
  • Understand local environmental issues and strive to contribute to solutions.

Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms

  • Comply fully and thoroughly with national and regional laws and regulations as well as international standards.
  • Establish and appropriately operate mechanisms to ensure rigorous compliance.

Prohibition of illicit reciprocal dealings

  • Prohibit gift exchanges and acceptance of hospitality or bribes, and engage in fair dealings.

Respect for human rights

  • Oppose child labor, forced labor, and all other illegitimate labor practices, and refuse to use any goods or services produced by such means.
  • Reject discriminatory practices in all aspects of employment and business transactions.

3. Information Management

Management of business information

  • Rigorously and appropriately manage all information obtained in the course of transactions, including personal data, confidential information, and intellectual property.


Tokyo Metro values the opinions of current and potential suppliers. For inquiries regarding these guidelines, please send a message to the following email address:

Notes regarding these guidelines

  • Any suppliers using sub-contractors must take the responsibility to encourage such sub-contractors to comply with these guidelines.
  • Tokyo Metro or a third party it designates may audit a supplier to check compliance with these guidelines.
  • In the event of any disparity between these guidelines and international standards or laws and regulations in the country or region of operation, the strictest demands and standards determined by such provisions shall apply.
  • These guidelines are subject to change without advance notice based on changes in laws and regulations, social trends, etc. In the event of such change, the revised guidelines shall automatically be deemed effective.