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Providing Procurement Information

We apply a system to register scheduled partners who completed a qualification review based on our standards for the goods contract and construction-related contract (operations related to construction work, cars, etc. and investigation, design, and measurement operations).

Tendering Information

This is a list of ongoing recruitment projects.

Recruitment project Date of notice Limit for the subimission
No information is available now.
  • *Limit for the subimission is until 17:00 on the above day.

Applying for registration

When applying for business requiring registration, access the following link and fully read descriptions before you fill in and send "Application for Preliminary Partner Qualification Review (as needed)" at the linked destination.

Qualification for participating in the tendering procedures

Suppliers eligible for participating in tenders are those who shall ; ①not have had a judgment of incompetency made against them. ② not have declared bankruptcy and are still unable to be reinstated. ③ not fall under the following conditions in the past three years. (a) performance of services while fulfilling their contract(s) was intentionally poor or were responsible for dishonest conduct in connection with product quality or quantity. (b) have hindered fair competition, or have wrongfully allied themselves for the purpose of impairing the fair price or gaining dishonest interest. (c) have obstructed others’ bid participation, or completion or performance of the contract. (d) have failed without justifiable cause to discharge their contract. (e) have obstructed inspection or supervision conducted by the members of this company. (f) have behaved in a corrupt or inappropriate manner, or such conduct has caused an accident, or otherwise lack reliance and integrity in their conduct. (g) are presently in dispute with this company without justifiable cause. (h) are presently delaying the discharge of their contractual duties. (i) have had an unsatisfactory after-sales service record. (j) have made false declarations or have hidden the truth in connection with competition procedures(s) or contractual performance. (k) use anyone falling into any of the above categories in the past three years, including representative at the competition, manager or other employee at the time of a contract. ④shall not have filed a bankruptcy-reorganization plan under Article 154 of the company Corporate Rehabilitation Law 2002 or filed for bankruptcy rehabilitation under Article 225 of the Civil Rehabilitation Law 1999 (excluding those who have come to a settlement regarding a bankruptcy-reorganization plan or bankruptcy rehabilitation) or disposition by suspension of business by a clearinghouse, suspension of business by a major client, or company financial condition has been deemed remarkably unsound. ⑤ shall not belong to a crime syndicate or have relations with anyone who does, further, shall not display potentially antisocial behavior or be involved with anyone who does.