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Demonstration Experiment for "Tadaku - with locals" Cooking Classes for Foreign Visitors to Japan to Be Conducted!


 Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura; "Tokyo Metro" below) and Tadaku Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shunsuke Ishikawa; "Tadaku" below) will jointly conduct a demonstration experiment for "Tadaku - with locals," which offers cooking classes for foreign visitors to Japan, between Monday, August 28 and Thursday, November 30, 2017.

 This demonstration experiment will be conducted as the first step towards achieving the "realization of a world where Japanese Tokyo Metro passengers can communicate with foreigners" proposed by Tadaku, which was bestowed with the Tokyo Metro ACCELERATOR Award in the "Tokyo Metro ACCELERATOR 2016" open innovation program conducted between October and December 2016.

 "Tadaku - with locals" is a service through which Japanese individuals who live in Tokyo suburban areas, particularly those along Tokyo Metro lines, host cooking classes for foreign visitors to Japan with an interest in Japan dietary culture, who apply to take part in a class by accessing a special website and entering their requests for cooking and location. Based on those requests, Tadaku matches foreign visitors to Japan with an ideal host. After details have been finalized, a cooking class is held. In addition to this basic system, an optional service is also offered through which the Japanese host and foreign travelers go shopping for ingredients together. After the class has concluded, a questionnaire is administered to survey trends of visitation to Japan.

 Alongside proposing a new food culture experience for foreign visitors to Japan through "Tadaku - with locals," Tokyo Metro and Tadaku will go on to cultivate latent tourism resources in Tokyo.

 For details on this matter, please see the attachment.



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