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A New Plan Ticket for Foreign Visitors, the "Greater Tokyo Pass" is Scheduled to be Released.


On April 1 (Sun.), 2018, the "Greater Tokyo Pass Council" (established on February 28, 2018 - For details, refer to the attachment) will initiate sales of the "Greater Tokyo Pass," a new Plan Ticket for foreign visitors to Japan.

The "Greater Tokyo Pass" is a Plan Ticket for three days of unlimited rides on railways and streetcars operated by 12 companies and ordinary fixed-route buses operated by 52 companies in the Kanto area. It will be sold for 7,200 yen for adults and 3,600 yen (tax inclusive) for children at facilities at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport operated by the participating companies and at tourist information centers for foreign visitors at major stations.

Purchasers of the "Greater Tokyo Pass" can take advantage of unlimited rides on railways, streetcars, and ordinary fixed-route buses at a set price, enabling them to save money as they enjoy sightseeing in the Kanto area. In addition, one of the difficulties that foreign visitors to Japan face is that they find public transportation systems "too complicated and difficult to use." However, with the "Greater Tokyo Pass," they will be able to use a single ticket to ride on railways, streetcars, and ordinary fixed-route buses, making moving around in the Kanto area much more efficient as they will not be required to purchase a new ticket every time they wish to ride again.

The "Greater Tokyo Pass Council" is cooperating with the participating companies to make travel in the Kanto area more enjoyable for foreign visitors and will strive to share information such as travel destination ideas using the Greater Tokyo Pass.

For details on this matter, please see the attachment.



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