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2018's etiquette poster will depict subway etiquette from the perspective of foreign visitors to Japan!


Between April 2018 and March 2019, Tokyo Metro (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura) will display etiquette posters produced by the Metro Cultural Foundation (Chairman: Hisashi Umezaki) in each of its stations and inside its trains, with the posters to feature a different theme every month.

The concept for 2018's etiquette posters will be "Aiming to realize a level of etiquette for Tokyo that the city can boast to the world." Tokyo Metro will roll out a series of posters that depict etiquette inside trains and on train platforms from the perspective of foreign visitors to Japan, who continue to increase with each passing year. Those posters will also redirect the attention of Japanese people to the positive aspects of their style of etiquette and the areas of that etiquette that should be reexamined. By featuring a shift in the perspective of the posters from Japanese people to foreign visitors to Japan and a slogan that promotes the realization of a better Tokyo ("Good Tokyo") through a higher level of etiquette that the city can boast to the world ("Good Manners"), the posters have a different angle that the ones that preceded them, and will serve to help passengers pick up on elements of etiquette from that angle.

The illustrations to be featured on the etiquette posters are by John Shelly, known for his work for the likes of TV spots and picture books. Through rolling our posters that are fun and instantly recognizable, Tokyo Metro will seek to realize a higher level of passenger interest in etiquette.



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