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Greater Tokyo Pass "SAKURA Campaign" Will Run from March 16 (Sat.), 2019!


The Greater Tokyo Pass Council, to which 63 railway and bus companies in Kanto have joined, will run the "SAKURA Campaign." This campaign will see the period of validity of the "Greater Tokyo Pass" extended to five days for a limited time. This pass is a special ticket for foreign visitors to Japan. It gives users unlimited rides for three days on railways, streetcars and ordinary fixed-route buses in the permitted usage area.
The reason for this is that many foreign travelers visit Japan during the cherry blossom season. Therefore, extending the period of validity of the "Greater Tokyo Pass" will allow users to visit even more tourist spots in the Kanto area with plenty of charms. Users will then be able to experience the charms and hospitality of Japan.
We will extend the period of validity of a "Greater Tokyo Pass" purchased from March 16 (Sat.) to April 30 (Tue.), 2019 during the period of the "SAKURA Campaign" from three days to five days without changing its sales price.
Currently, the "Greater Tokyo Pass" is sold only for use beginning on the same day. However, we will start advance sales from the day before the beginning of use all year from March 16 (Sat.), 2019 - the same day as the start of the "SAKURA Campaign." With this, users will be able to fully utilize the number of days of the period of validity of the pass from the next day onward regardless of the time they make their purchase when arriving in Japan on flights in the afternoon or at night. This will make the "Greater Tokyo Pass" even more convenient and easier to use.
The Greater Tokyo Pass Council will continue to strive in the future to make it possible for foreign visitors to Japan to more comfortably enjoy their trips in the Kanto area.
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