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Tokyo Metro to commence operation tests for "Bebot" AI chat bot for use as information service aimed at foreign visitors to Japan


 Between December 1, 2019 and February 29, 2020,Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura; "Tokyo Metro" below) and Bespoke Inc. (Head Office in: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Akemi Tsunagawa; "Bespoke" below) will perform operation tests involving "Bebot," an artificial intelligence (AI) chat bot, for its use as an information service aimed at foreign visitors to Japan.


 Bebot is a chat bot service for smartphones that uses AI to act as a concierge for foreign visitors to Japan. The operation tests to be conducted will support each station on the Ginza Line (from Asakusa to Shibuya), which is heavily used by foreigners who are travelling to Japan, and will make it possible to provide information in real time in the English language for inquiries that foreign travelers may have, such as those on barrier-free facilities on station premises, train transfers, and sightseeing spots in the vicinity of the station.

 Bebot may be used without downloading an application or anything else. Anyone may use it free of charge through the browser on their smartphone.


 Tokyo Metro will continue to verify the need that foreigners travelling to Japan have for this service and the effectiveness and other elements of AI in general as it considers offering more information tools in the future.

 For details on the operation tests for Bebot, please see the attachment.



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