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Renewed Greater Tokyo Pass will be released on January 20th


On January 20 (Fri), 2023, the Greater Tokyo Pass Council, comprised of 44 Kanto railway and bus company members, plans to launch a renewed Greater Tokyo Pass with an extended validity period, as well as the Greater Tokyo Pass (Railway Only). The Greater Tokyo Pass is a special ticket for international visitors to Japan giving the user unlimited rides on railways, tramways and general bus routes within the permitted area of use. These passes will be released in accordance with the recovering demand for tourism in Japan, particularly during the Chinese New Year season, when even more international visitors are expected.

The Greater Tokyo Pass's validity period, which includes unlimited rides on registered railways and buses, will be extended from 3 to 5 days following this renewal. The price remains unchanged, and the new features make it more economical and convenient for visitors staying for longer periods of time. In addition, a new ticket called the "Greater Tokyo Pass (Railway Only)" will be available to accommodate a variety of travel needs, allowing customers to use only railway lines for three days.

The previous renewal on April 1, 2020, saw the transition from paper tickets to smart cards to enhance customer convenience and reduce congestion. Similarly, these two new passes will be sold stored on PASMO PASSPORT smart cards for short-term international visitors to Japan.

By selling the pass on a rechargeable smart card, passengers will be able to not only travel within the permitted area, but also automatically pay for tickets on bus and train lines not covered by the Greater Tokyo Pass using the cash value balance on the smart card. In addition to bus and train fares, the smart card balance can be used as electronic money to pay for purchases at stores and other locations. The visitors' stay in Japan will be even simpler and more convenient with the availability of all these services on a single card.

The Greater Tokyo Pass Council will continue to strive in the future to make travel in the Kanto area more affordable and comfortable for international visitors to Japan.

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