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Passenger Information Desk to open at Ueno Station!


On Thursday, December 1, 2016, Tokyo Metro (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Yoshimitsu Oku) will open new Passenger Information Desks at Ueno Station, which is frequently used by Japanese passengers and foreign passengers visiting Japan who are unfamiliar with the subway system.

At present, a Passenger Information Desk is present at Ginza Station, Shinjuku Station, Omote-sando Station and Shibuya Station*. With Ueno Station, the number of Tokyo Metro stations with a Passenger Information Desk will become five. (*The Passenger Information Desk at Shibuya Station is jointly operated with TOKYU CORPORATION.)

Similar to the Passenger Information Desk that Tokyo Metro has operated at other stations up to this point, the new Passenger Information Desk to be opened at Ueno Station will be staffed by individuals capable of providing information in the English and Chinese languages.

Additionally, starting December 1, 2016, "Tokyo Subway Tickets," which are special passenger tickets for travelers, will become available for purchase exclusively to foreign passengers visiting Japan at the Passenger Information Desk at Ginza Station, Shinjuku Station, Omote-sando Station and Ueno Station.

Going forward, Tokyo Metro will continue its proactive endeavors to enable it to assist passengers in a convenient and easy-to-understand manner as their "guide to Tokyo."



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