The future of the Hibiya Line is about to arrive.

New rolling stock being introduced on the Hibiya Line.
These new cars improve safety during travel and bring train standards in line with installation of platform doors.
Inside they offer Wi-Fi and 3-screen displays along with lots of other new features.
With our new 13000 Series trains, we’re rolling toward the future of Tokyo.


3-screen displays for easier viewing

In-car displays now have three screens, making it easier to see station names and times to destinations.
Guidance screens now have enhanced multilingual information, making them easier for international visitors to understand.


More multi-use free space in cars

More multi-use free space is now provided inside cars to make riding more comfortable for all passengers, including those using wheelchairs or baby strollers.


Signs now clearer from outside

Signs on the side of the train cars and lighted displays are now clearly visible from outside the cars, so you can see the destination’s number and location of multi-use free space areas before boarding


Glass luggage racks in Tokyo designs

Luggage racks are now made of transparent glass so you can see items clearly and so you won’t forget to take them with you.
Look closely and you can also see a traditional Edo Kiriko style pattern in the glass.


LED lighting improves atmosphere

In-car lighting is now even brighter, and indirect lighting makes the ride more pleasant.
Outside the train cars, LED headlamps lead the way ever more clearing, improving safety. And they save energy, too.


Original interior for Hibiya Line cars

The floors, seat patterns, and see-through doors between cars are all part of the trains’ sophisticated new design.
This gives the Hibiya Line a chic metropolitan look, as it passes through Tokyo’s business and sightseeing centers.


New in-car Wi-Fi

Passengers visiting Japan from abroad can now take advantage of in-car Wi-Fi, making travel even more convenient.
(Gradually being introduced starting this fiscal year.)


New steering bogies

New steering bogies have been introduced to further improve safety during travel.
They allow trains to handle curves more smoothly and reduce noise and vibration, making the ride more comfortable for passengers.


Installation of platform doors

New platform doors will be installed on the Hibiya Line , so train cars have been standardized with four doors instead of the mix of 3- and 5-door cars used before.
Platform doors will be installed gradually in the future.


Interaction among
generations and cultures

This line services lively urban areas like Ginza and Roppongi along with business and government centers like Kasumigaseki.
It also stops at traditional areas such as Ueno and Kodenmacho.
The Hibiya Line is a truly urban line that connects these districts and fosters interaction among generations and cultures.