NEW MARUNOUCHI TRAIN The New Marunouchi Line 2000 Series is Here!
The New Marunouchi Line 2000 Series is Here!

The future of the Marunouchi Line is about to arrive.

New trains are finally ready to roll on the Marunouchi Line.
Inheriting the DNA of historic Marunouchi Line trains that led their eras with technology and design,
these new trains feature a fresh look and the latest features for safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.
Tokyo will be even more exciting with the comfortable Marunouchi Line.
Go, Metro!


The Marunouchi Line’s first trains, the 300 series, featured a fresh design with a vivid Scarlet Medium body combined with a distinctive “sign wave” motif.
This revolutionary train represented the cutting edge of its time.

The current 02 series also brought the latest technologies
to its era along with improvements in comfort
and energy efficiency. This series remains popular to this day for retaining the
façade of the 300 series with a more urban overall design.

Now, the new 2000 series carries on this DNA as the next-generation train with the leading technology and design of today.

  • 300 series

    The first postwar Marunouchi Line Innovative trains at the cutting edge of their time
  • 02 series

    Trains with the latest technologies for comfort and energy efficiency
2000 series


The concept of the 2000 series trains is a body that reflects the vitality of Tokyo, a vivid color reflecting the seasons, and innovative functions to offer passengers peace of mind.

The Marunouchi Line’s distinctive bright red color has been given the name Glowing Scarlet to signify freshness and vitality. On the sides of the car is the “sign wave,”
a traditional design from past Marunouchi Line trains, and the interiors feature a round (“Maru”) motif throughout, giving a look that befits the Marunouchi Line.

Body painted in
Glowing Scarlet color

The Marunouchi Line trademark“sign wave”

Interior with round (“Maru”) design for a distinctive Marunouchi Line look


Improving safety with technologies used for the first time on Tokyo Metro trains

  • Train Information System(TIS)

    The system used on previous trains has been enhanced to constantly monitor train conditions in order to better detect signs of failure and prevent malfunctions and breakdowns.

  • Communications-Based Train Control
    (CBTC System)

    This is the first subway train in Japan to adopt Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC System), a new signaling system.

    Through wireless communications, intervals between trains can be shortened even further.
    This will improve stability in operations through faster recovery from delays, as well as other benefits.


    The latest technologies are employed to reduce power consumption.

  • Energy-efficient full
    SiC module used in control unit

    This contributes to improved energy efficiency through
    reduction of electrical loss.

    High-efficiency VVVF
    Inverter using Full SiC Module

  • Energy-efficient
    LEDs used for headlamps

    The LED headlights used in the
    Ginza Line 1000 series and Hibiya Line 13000 series
    trains have been adopted for the Marunouchi Line 2000 series,
    improving energy efficiency.


    Air conditioning has been improved and steering bogies adopted for a more comfortable ride.

  • Improved air conditioning

    Air conditioning will be improved through
    installation of devices with about 40% greater
    cooling capacity than previous units.

  • Use of steering bogies

    The use of steering bogies
    that enable smoother handling of curves will reduce noise and vibration,
    making rides more comfortable.