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Ameyoko Shopping Street - アメ横商店街/アメ横

This discount shopping street, famous throughout Japan for its wide variety of products, is centered in the area under the railway line from JR Ueno Station to Okachimachi Station. At the end of the year, the street is crowded with people seeking out ingredients for osechi-ryori (traditional Japanese New Year foods) and so much so that the tradition has become a year-end seasonal feature. The street is full of all kinds of shops selling fresh fish, clothes, dried goods, cosmetics, precious metals and imported goods. The street started as a black market immediately after the war and is now home to more than 400 shops.

Ameyoko Shopping Street / Ameyoko


From Tokyo Metro Ueno Station (G16, H17) Exit 5B: 1 min on foot

Location Details

Category Shopping Area
Address Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access Immediate access from JR Okachimachi Station or JR Ueno Station
Open Depends on the shop
Closed Depends on the shop

*Information is current as of October 2014.

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