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Fares According to Age

Fares according to age are as follows:

Category Age
Adult An adult fare applies to persons age 12 and up. However, any 12 year old who is still in elementary school is still considered a child.
Child A child fare applies to persons age six to eleven (the child fare is half of the adult fare. Figures are rounded up to the nearest 10-yen unit or rounded down to the nearest 1-yen unit if an IC card is used). However, any six year old who is not in elementary school is considered a toddler.
Toddler Children aged one to six. Up to two toddlers can ride the subway free of charge as long as they are accompanied by an adult or a child (as classified on this page). However, a third toddler will be charged a child fare.
Also, if a toddler is riding alone or with a group of toddlers, they are charged a child fare.
Infant Free of charge if the child is less than one year old.

To use the limited express trains of Tokyo Metro, a toddler or infant must have both a child ticket and a limited express ticket.

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