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Transfer Tickets

Transfer tickets offer you a special deduction on the regular passenger fare when transferring to Toei Subway lines and other railway lines using the same ticket.

Toei Subway Transfer Tickets

Toei Subway Transfer Tickets

70 yen will be discounted from the regular passenger fare from the station of departure on Tokyo Metro lines to the station of arrival on Toei Subway lines.


Adult: 280 yen - 530 yen, Child: 140 yen - 270 yen

Where to buy

Ticket vending machines at all Tokyo Metro stations

Valid period

Valid on the same day of purchase

Valid route

Section equivalent to the fare stated on the ticket from the station ticket was purchased at.

When Transferring to Lines of Other Railway Companies

When Transferring to Lines of Other Railway Companies

We also sell single transfer tickets allowing passengers to ride other railway lines. Please ask the attendant at the station or at the pass office about what tickets are on offer and where to purchase them.

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