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Procurement at Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro is responsible for a core part of the railway network in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. We own and operate nine subway lines with 195.1 kilometers of track, used by an average of 7.24 million passengers every day. Seven of our lines offer “reciprocal through-services” with lines operated by other companies, extending our total service distance to 532.6 kilometers.

Valuing every passenger who use our network, we are committed to provide better services that are safe, secure, and comfortable. In order to achieve this goal, we have established the "Tokyo Metro Procurement Policy", which forms the basis of our procurement activities. It is our policy to ensure optimal procurement practices with a broad, global perspective when sourcing goods and services, in a transparent, fair, and impartial manner that ensures high quality.

Also, we have established the "Tokyo Metro Procurement Guidelines", which set out a specific day-to-day code of conduct for putting our Procurement Policy into practice.

Goods and construction services

Registration of goods/construction partners

For goods and construction services, we register partners who pass our qualification review process. We do not register partners for other services.

Regular registration period for FY2018, FY2019, and FY2020 has ended. The start of the next regular registration period is scheduled around May 2020.

When we call for competition where bidders need to be registered to participate, we conduct special registration outside the registration period.

Master Agreement for the Procurement of Goods

Registered partners for goods are requested to sign the following “Master Agreement for the Procurement of Goods” with Tokyo Metro.

Registration update

Please follow the instructions shown in the link below to update your registered information.

Specifications and standard drawings for construction services

Please see link below for instructions on obtaining specifications and standard drawings for construction services.

Becoming a partner

For those who wish to apply to initiate business transactions, please fill in the application form below and send it to the following email address:

We consider the possibility of doing business based on the above information. If it is decided that we may order products your company supplies, a representative from our company will contact you. The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose.

  • All applicants are subject to our qualification review process before becoming a registered partner.


Procurement report

Procurement report for goods (April 2017 – March 2018)

Procurement plan