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Starting Friday, January 11, Tokyo Metro will offer "Tokyo Subway Tickets" for purchase by foreign visitors to Japan at select YAMADA DENKI locations in Tokyo!


 Starting Friday, January 11, 2019, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura) and YAMADA DENKI Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Takasaki City, Gunma; Representative Director, President and COO: Tsuneo Mishima) will commence sales of "Tokyo Subway Tickets" to foreign visitors to Japan at select YAMADA DENKI locations in Tokyo.

 These special passenger tickets provide convenience to foreign travelers to Japan by allowing them to take unlimited rides on all nine Tokyo Metro Lines and all four Toei Subway lines, or thirteen lines in total, for a 24-, 48- or 72-hour period from the time that they first go through the ticket gate.

 These Tokyo Subway Tickets will now be available for purchase by foreign visitors to Japan at three YAMADA DENKI locations in Tokyo. Furthermore, upon presenting their Tokyo Subway Ticket and passport when making a purhcase at any of the 52 YAMADA DENKI locations registered as duty-free shops*, foreign visitors to Japan will be eligible for a special discount of 7% on top of their 8% consumption tax exemption for a total discount of 15%. This discount will also be available starting Friday, January 11, 2019.

 Foreign visitors to Japan who are sightseeing in Tokyo are highly encouraged to take advangage of this opportunity to simultantously purchase this convenient, specially-priced passenger ticket and shop for souveniers and other goods at a discount.

 Please see the attachment for details on this matter.



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