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"Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries 2019"Puzzle-Solving & City Exploration Game event


 As a joint collaboration with SCRAP Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; Representative: Takao Kato), which plans and operates "Real Escape Games," Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Head Office in: Taito Ward, Tokyo; President: Akiyoshi Yamamura; "Tokyo Metro" below) will hold a "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries" event for a limited time between Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and Sunday, February 16, 2020. "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries" is a "Puzzle-Solving & City Exploration Game" that encourages people to walk around Tokyo in search of the goal while solving the various puzzles planted in the city.

 The past fifth "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries" event was met with considerable acclaim, attracting over 280,000 players in total. With the 2019 event, which marks the game's sixth, the game will undergo yet another evolution. In order to also have non-Japanese-speaking foreigners experience this new angle to the appeal of the city of Tokyo while riding Tokyo Metro subways, an English-language version of the puzzle kit for the game will be available for purchase. This kit will be accompanied by notation in simplified Chinese so that an even greater number of foreigners can enjoy the event.

 With Tokyo Metro stations and the entire city of Tokyo as its backdrop, "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries" has players use a 24-hour ticket and puzzle-solving kit to actually make their way around the city and solve puzzles that have been hidden within Tokyo and Tokyo Metro stations as they attempt to reach the goal.

 With its 2019 iteration, "Tokyo Metro--The Underground Mysteries" is an adventure filled with discovery and excitement in which players will encounter aspects of Tokyo that they have yet to experience.



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