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Regular Tickets

Tickets are sold at ticket vending machines found at every Tokyo Metro station. Tickets are available in denominations of 170 yen, 200 yen, 240 yen, 280 yen and 310 yen. Select the fare based on the distance you will travel.

Coupon Tickets

Tokyo Metro has three types of Coupon Tickets to meet passengers' needs. Coupon Tickets can be used at any Tokyo Metro station.


The Student/Commuter Railway Pass allows you to take unlimited rides between stations on the specified route. The Tokyo Metro All-line Pass allows you to take unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro lines.


Convenient prepaid and rechargeable transportation card that can be used at ticket gates and can also be used as electronic money.

Transfer Tickets

Transfer tickets offer you a special deduction on the regular passenger fare when transferring to Toei Subway lines and other railway lines using the same ticket.

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