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Corporate Information

The Environment and Tokyo Metro


Principles Regarding the Environment

Principles Regarding Environment

"We are committed to activities that aim to preserve earth's environment." This is our declaration also stated in Tokyo Metro's management policy. To be true to this and in order to implement more direct and concrete activities in the area, the following environmental policy was established. It also ensures that every executive and every regular employee understands the importance of the activities based on this statement.
1. We shall contribute to the environmental improvement of Tokyo through raising the level of convenience of the subway with high energy efficiency, and strive to further promote its use.
2. We shall endeavor to efficiently utilize energy and strive to prevent global warming.
3. We shall actively use environment-friendly products and strive to reduce consumption of natural resources and waste.
4. We shall seek to reduce the impacts of noise and vibration on the environment, creating a harmonious relationship with the community.
5. We shall observe the laws and regulations relevant to the environment, and strive for prevention of environmental pollution.

Environmental Management and Promotion System

Tokyo Metro developed environmental targets based on our environmental statement of principles. We also developed a management system to serve for its mechanism in order to achieve these targets through contributions of all the executives and regular employees.
The purpose of this was to manage environmental activities on a company-wide basis, which had so far been in charge of by every section. This system is ensuring its stable and continuous improvement. The Committee on Environment with the Administrative Division Director undertakes the promotion. They serve as chairpersons and their role is to formulate environmental targets, discuss and make decisions about verification and evaluate our environmental activities.