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Service Information

This section provides information about actual or expected delays of 15 minutes or more for train services.



Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

The following attitudes, behaviors and basic principles will be adhered to with regard to Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.'s (Hereafter “Tokyo Metro”) official social media accounts (hereafter “official accounts”).

1. Attitude

  • We will be responsible in the transmission and handling of information by striving to transmit accurate information in order to not to be misleading. In addition to protecting personal information, we will also comply with all laws and regulations.
  • We understand the nature of the Internet and that it is impossible to completely delete information once it has been published.
  • We promote interaction with customers.

2. Compliance with all Laws and Regulations

We will comply with all laws and regulations. Specifically, we will not engage in actions that infringe on copyrights or other intellectual property, or slander the reputation of any third party, or engage in any other rights infringement.

3. For Customers

  • Please note that Tokyo Metro may change, suspend, or discontinue information on our official account without prior notice.
  • Due to the nature of social media, the transmitted information does not necessarily indicate our official announcement. For the publication of official announcements and release of opinions of Tokyo Metro, please refer to the Tokyo Metro website and news releases.
  • Please refer to the terms of use for social media when using the Tokyo Metro official account and associated services.
  • Usage of any such services shall be regarded as agreement to their corresponding policies.
  • Tokyo Metro may change the policies without prior notice. In this case, the latest policy shall apply to the usage of the corresponding social media.
  • Unless otherwise specified by Tokyo Metro, the changed policies shall come into effect when they are displayed on this page.