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Coupon Tickets

Tokyo Metro has three types of Coupon Tickets to meet passengers' needs. Coupon Tickets can be used at any Tokyo Metro station.
Restrictions apply on its usage and on the number of tickets you can obtain.

Coupon Tickets

Types of Coupon Tickets

Types Number of Tickets Restrictions
Ordinary Coupon Tickets Sold in packs of 11 tickets
(Adult and Child fares available)
No restrictions on the day or time of use
Off-peak Coupon Tickets Sold in packs of 12 tickets
(Adult fares only)
Can only be used Monday - Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as December 30 - 31 and January 2 - 3.
Weekend/Holiday Discount Coupon Tickets Sold in packs of 14 tickets
(Adult fares only)
Can only be used Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as December 30 - 31 and January 2 - 3.


The price for a pack of Coupon Tickets is equivalent to the price of 10 Regular Tickets. For example, a set of Coupon Tickets for the 170 yen section is 1,700 yen.

  • Note: Fares for the special section between Ayase and Kita-senju on the Chiyoda Line is 1,400 yen (700 yen for children).
Distance Fare
1km - 6km 1,700 yen (Child: 900 yen)
7km - 11km 2,000 yen (Child: 1,000 yen)
12km - 19km 2,400 yen (Child: 1,200 yen)
From October 1, 2019: 2,500 yen (Child: 1,300 yen)
20km - 27km 2,800 yen (Child: 1,400 yen)
From October 1, 2019: 2,900 yen (Child: 1,500 yen)
28km - 40km 3,100 yen (Child: 1,600 yen)
From October 1, 2019: 3,200 yen (Child: 1,600 yen)

Where to Buy

  • Ticket vending machines that can be found at every Tokyo Metro station.
  • Pass offices (except Nakano, Nishi-funabashi and Shibuya (Fukutoshin Line) Stations)

Valid Period

Three months from the time of purchase


When you have not used any of the Coupon Tickets and they are still valid:

You can receive a refund for the cost of the Coupon Tickets, minus a 220 yen handling fee.

When you no longer need your valid Coupon Tickets after you start to use them:

You can receive a refund, minus the Regular Ticket fare for each used ticket and a 220 yen handling fee.

Example: Returning a 1,700 yen pack of Coupon Tickets of which five have been used.
Refund amount = 1,700 yen − (170 yen × 5 + 220 yen) = 630 yen

Traveling Further than Your Fare Allows

  • If the fare on your ticket is less than that for the distance you traveled, you will be required to pay the difference.
  • Refunds are not given for tickets valued higher than the fare for the distance traveled.
  • The fare printed on the Coupon Tickets is only valid for travel on the Tokyo Metro subway network. A supplementary fare will be required when transferring between the Tokyo Metro and other companies' trains.

When transferring between trains, be sure to use the orange ticket gates and to complete your transfer within 30 minutes.

Stations Lines
Ueno Ginza and Hibiya Lines
Mitsukoshimae Ginza and Hanzomon Lines
  • Marunouchi, and Tozai, Chiyoda or Hanzomon Lines
  • Tozai, and Marunouchi, Chiyoda or Hanzomon Lines
  • Chiyoda, and Marunouchi, Tozai or Hanzomon Lines
  • Hanzomon, and Marunouchi, Tozai or Chiyoda Lines
Ikebukuro Marunouchi, Fukutoshin and Yurakucho Lines
Iidabashi Tozai, Yurakucho and Namboku Lines
Kudanshita Tozai and Hanzomon Lines
  • Hibiya
  • Yurakucho
Hibiya, Chiyoda and Yurakucho Lines
  • Awajicho
  • Shin-ochanomizu
Marunouchi and Chiyoda Lines
  • Ueno-hirokoji
  • Naka-okachimachi
Ginza and Hibiya Lines
Shibuya Ginza and Fukutoshin Lines
Shinjuku-sanchome Marunouchi and Fukutoshin Lines
Ningyocho Hibiya and Hanzomon Lines
Tsukiji Hibiya and Yurakucho Lines