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This section provides information about actual or expected delays of 15 minutes or more for train services.



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Discount Tickets


1-day tickets are not just open tickets!
You can receive rewards at lots of different locations around Tokyo.

"Chikatoku" is a special service that offers customers rewards when they present their 1-day open passes or other eligible passes, at the various applicable facilities throughout the city.
Why not make use of your 1-day open ticket in this way too?

Getting the Most Out Of Chikatoku

Step 1
Look for facilities that offer rewards on the Chikatoku website.
Step 2
Enjoy the city as you freely hop between trains using your 1-day open ticket.
Step 3
Present your 1-day open ticket at each eligible facility and claim your reward!

Categories of Reward Spots


Restaurants, izakaya bars, take-out eateries, etc.


Fashion and general stores, drugstores, etc.


Salons, relaxation destinations, nail salons, etc.

Entertainment and Services

Amusements, sports, theaters, parking, etc.


Art galleries and museums, science museums, historical archives, etc.

Parks and Gardens

Parks and gardens, flower gardens, barbecue spots, etc.

Use the official Chikatoku website below to find out more information on the types of reward on offer and where those rewards can be obtained.

  • Chikatoku Official Website

    Use your PC or smartphone to find out more information on the types of reward on offer and where those rewards can be obtained. Make use of these tips to get the best value out of Tokyo.

Tickets Eligible for Chikatoku Rewards

There are many different types of tickets eligible for Chikatoku rewards with various scopes of use. The service can be used with the main 1-day open tickets like the Tokyo Metro 24 Hours Ticket and the Common 1-day Ticket for the Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway.

Tokyo Metro 24-Hour Ticket

You can freely ride on all Tokyo Metro lines for 24 hours from the start of use.

Common 1-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro Line & Toei Subway

You can freely ride on all Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines from the first train until the last train on the day of use.

Other Tickets Eligible for Rewards

Please check Discount Tickets for more details about eligible tickets (not all tickets listed may actually be eligible).

Discount Tickets

Check Event and Location Information

Why not try using your one-day open ticket to visit a variety of events and locations throughout the city and get the very most out of Tokyo?
First, let’s look for something to do or somewhere to visit.

Show Your 1-Day Open Ticket to Get Value! Click here for the official website where you can find the latest information about rewards and how you can use them at locations throughout Tokyo.

Chikatoku Official Website