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Service Information

This section provides information about actual or expected delays of 15 minutes or more for train services.



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Delay Certificate

A delay certificate for each subway is displayed (in Japanese) for all Tokyo Metro trains.
The time delay rounded to the nearest 5 minutes above is displayed for each time zone "First Train to 7:00", "7:00 to 8:00", "8:00 to 9:00", "9:00 to 10:00", "10:00 to 17:00", and "17:00 to Last Train" when the delay exceeds 5 minutes or more.
Refresh the page when you view the information using the "Update Information" button on the screen.

Hanzomon Line

Update Information


  • April 07(Tuesday)

Previous 35 days(March 04 2020〜April 07 2020)

  • April 06(Monday)

  • April 05(Sunday)

  • April 02(Thursday)

  • April 01(Wednesday)

  • March 28(Saturday)

  • March 24(Tuesday)

  • March 23(Monday)

  • March 22(Sunday)

  • March 21(Saturday)

  • March 18(Wednesday)

  • March 17(Tuesday)

  • March 16(Monday)

  • March 15(Sunday)

  • March 14(Saturday)

  • March 12(Thursday)

  • March 11(Wednesday)

  • March 10(Tuesday)

  • March 09(Monday)

  • March 08(Sunday)

  • March 05(Thursday)

  • March 04(Wednesday)

  • Note: Reproduction or photocopy of this Delay Certificate, or publication of its revised version in appearance on a home page without any approval is strictly prohibited.