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Social Media Terms of Use

These terms set forth the rules for using the official social media accounts (hereafter “official accounts”) operated by Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Hereafter “Tokyo Metro”). You must understand and adhere to the following social media terms of usage ( hereafter “these terms” ) when using official accounts.

Article 1 Terms of Use Scope

  • These terms of use shall apply to all users of the official account operated by Tokyo Metro and associated services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").
  • Tokyo Metro may revise these terms of use without obtaining prior approval of users. Revised terms of use shall be posted on the Tokyo Metro website and shall take effect when posted.

Article 2 Matters of Consent and Compliance during Usage

Users shall consent and adhere to the following matters when using the service.

  • (1) Users are responsible for the results obtained from use of the service (all actions during use of the service including postings, descriptions, displays, comments, browsing, etc. Hereafter referred to as “use.”).
  • (2) Users understand that personal information posted, described, displayed, or provided in conjunction with use of the service (hereafter “provided”) is subject to the Tokyo Metro Personal Information Protection Policy.
  • (3) Users assume responsibility for management of passwords used for accessing the service and the activities and actions occurring based on use of their password.
  • (4) In the event that a user has imposed damage to a third-party during use of the service, that user shall resolve the dispute with said third-party by taking responsibility to compensate for damages incurred. Furthermore, no inconvenience whatsoever shall be imposed upon Tokyo Metro.
  • (5) Tokyo Metro shall not be liable for any damages to users incurred during use of the service except for damages caused by the willful intent or gross negligence of Tokyo Metro.
  • (6) In the event that a user has imposed damages upon Tokyo Metro by violating these terms, Tokyo Metro may seek compensation for damages from said user.
  • (7) In the event that a user violates any provision in these terms of service, Tokyo Metro may delete the information provided by the user to the service without any previous notice and take other measures as necessary.
  • (8) Tokyo Metro does not guarantee, display, or otherwise support the accuracy, completeness, legality, or reliability of information provided by users of this service, or information provided by other parties. Additionally, Tokyo Metro does not assume any liability for the possibility of contact with unpleasant, damaging, inaccurate, or inappropriate information through the use of this site or damages to users or other third-parties arising from such information.
  • (9) It is understood that posted comments are not the official opinions of Tokyo Metro. (For the publication of official announcements and release of opinions of Tokyo Metro, please refer the Tokyo Metro website and news releases.)

Article 3 Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited with regard to the service. Posts and comments commensurate with prohibited actions may be deleted without warning. Furthermore, the account of said user may be blocked. A user may not be notified when their has been blocked.

  • (1) Actions that hinder operation of the service or other actions that may interfere with the service
  • (2) Actions that infringe or may infringe upon the rights and assets of Tokyo Metro, third-parties, or other users
  • (3) Actions that slander Tokyo Metro, third parties, or other users, or that disparage the services or products of these parties
  • (4) Actions that infringe upon the privacy of third parties or other users including the posting of personal information such as names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.
  • (5) Political activities, election activities, or actions commensurate with these
  • (6) Proselyting activities or solicitations pertaining to a specific religion, organization, or entity
  • (7) Actions that involve use or duplication of information provided by the service that exceed the scope of personal use
  • (8) Actions that involve the use of information obtained by this service for business purposes
  • (9) Actions that create a disadvantage to Tokyo Metro, third-party, or other user
  • (10) Actions that violate or may violate laws or public order
  • (11) Actions such as providing or depicting harmful, obscene, or violent information
  • (12) Actions tied to criminal activities or that may be tied to such activities
  • (13) Actions that may be unpleasant for third parties or other users including malicious or discriminatory acts
  • (14) Actions that serve to discredit Tokyo Metro
  • (15) Actions such as providing false personal information, information of other parties, spoofing, etc.
  • (16) Use of the service to transmit harmful programs or files to impede the normal function of computer software or hardware to Tokyo Metro, or other user or third-party
  • (17) Other actions deemed inappropriate by Tokyo Metro

Article 4 Treatment of Intellectual Property

  • (1) Tokyo Metro and providers of information possess the usage rights or intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, for all works, images, content and other information associated with the service. Use without permission is prohibited except for when permitted by copyright law or other laws.
  • (2) When a user transmits information to the service, rights of nonexclusive, worldwide, and free use is granted to Tokyo Metro for said information protected by intellectual property rights (Including the rights stipulated in Article 27 and Article 28 of the Copyright Law), and intellectual property rights pertaining to said information will not be exercised against Tokyo Metro.

Article 5 Court of Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance with jurisdiction for disputes associated with use of the service and these terms.