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Corporate Information

Message from the President

Akiyoshi Yamamura, President, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. is responsible for a core part of the railway network in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, operating nine subway lines with 195.0 kilometers of track and 180 subway stations around central Tokyo. Seven of these lines offer reciprocal through-services with lines operated by other rail transport companies.

As the operator of a public transportation network used by 4.98 million passengers each day, we believe that our mission is above all else to prioritize safety, working to achieve further safety improvements while expanding and improving our services from the customer's perspective. We are also actively involved in other businesses designed to serve our customers' daily needs.

Currently, the company faces a difficult business environment as the spread of novel coronavirus infections has changed patterns of public transportation usage with an increasing number of people working remotely or from home or commuting outside rush hour. In addition, the number of visitors to Japan from abroad has also decreased. Furthermore, the demographics of Tokyo are expected to change, with rapid decrease in the working-age population projected alongside major changes in working practices and lifestyles.

However, projections for the future also include moves towards increasing digital services (digital transformation, DX) and increasing vibrancy of various new mobility-related services such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service).

As we move into this period of transformational change, we will keep a focus on our Group Ideal of "Keeping Tokyo on the Move" while also, in order to contribute to solving various social issues subject to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), steadily moving forward with various projects in accordance with the Tokyo Metro Plan 2021, our mid-term management plan for FY2019 through FY2021, which focuses on the three core areas of "Providing Peace of Mind", "Achieving Sustainable Growth", and "Collaborating to Enhance the Appeal and Vitality of Tokyo". We must maintain an ambitious mindset to take on these challenges.

With an awareness that "Providing Peace of Mind" is only possible through a combination of safe operations and good service, we are harnessing our high-quality technical capabilities and creativity to deliver qualitative improvements in our railways and provide a safe, comfortable and world-leading transportation service.

In particular, we are continuing to provide peace of mind for customers by working to prevent the further spread of novel coronavirus infections through measures including ventilation in stations and on trains in addition to including within our cleaning procedures the disinfecting and sterilization of objects frequently touched by customers such as hanging straps and handrails.

We also place foremost priority on guaranteeing passenger safety during times of natural disaster. In addition to making further progress on initiatives to mitigate the effects of earthquakes, major floods and other disasters, we are also implementing policies designed to minimize disaster-related damage and share information in the aftermath of a disaster to achieve the rapid restoration of our services to keep the Metropolitan Region's infrastructure running. Furthermore, in order to improve safety on station platforms, we are working to install platform doors on all of our lines as soon as possible, while also seeking to continue improving our ability to watch over passengers by making sure our staff reach out and offer assistance to passengers whenever necessary.

"Safety" is the core of railway operations and each individual employee and executive of the Tokyo Metro Group is continually working to pursue safety in order to prevent accidents from occurring in advance, coming together as one to create a culture of safety within the Group.

As for "Achieving Sustainable Growth" for the future, we need to accurately understand the needs of our customers, who are becoming increasingly diverse as a result of changes in Japan's social structure, and strengthen the development of and promotions for new products, so that a diverse range of customers are able to enjoy the appeal of Tokyo. As part of these efforts to achieve sustainable growth, we must also strengthen our profitability base through the active development and introduction of new businesses, especially digital businesses.

"Collaborating to Enhance the Appeal and Vitality of Tokyo" requires us to consider possible visions for Tokyo's future development, and work in concert with regional communities and other third parties so as to contribute every day to the generation of the appeal and vitality of Tokyo, helping to facilitate more fulfilling lives for the people living, working or travel in and around Tokyo. To accomplish this, Tokyo Metro will not only work in collaboration with communities along our railway lines and destinations served by reciprocal throughservices to discover and promote the appeal of these neighborhoods thereby increasing their value, we will also work to create new businesses through open innovation and harness various data so as to deliver, through the "my! Tokyo MaaS" service, a metropolis MaaS initiative for Tokyo, and even more comfortable and reliable mobility service to meet the needs of each individual customer. Furthermore, we will also work in cooperation with town-planning authorities and developers on various projects from their early stages, so as to contribute to the greater vitality of urban development in the areas surrounding our stations, building facilities that integrate stations with urban service functions in order to create attractive spaces the serve as new "Faces of Tokyo". These projects will encompass improved visitor usability (including convenience of access and crowd movements) and the visual appeal of station environs.

We will not only aim to achieve more efficient business management and work industriously to optimize costs from a longterm perspective while improving productivity, but we will also seek to develop a stronger business structure through the reform of workplace practices, such as measures designed to promote a healthier workforce and improve work-life balance, in addition to building stronger relationships with local communities, executing initiatives designed to meet SDGs, and implementing stronger corporate governance, measures that are all orientated towards our goal of becoming a highly valued and trusted company.

By implementing these various policies and continuously improving corporate value, Tokyo Metro aims to become an excellent railway company and world-leading subway operator, chosen and supported by all stakeholders.

Thank you all for your continued understanding and support.

Akiyoshi Yamamura, President, Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.