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Corporate Information

Corporate Vision Structure

  • Corporate Vision Diagram

    Coporate Vision is comprised of "Group Ideals' Keeping Tokyo on the Move," "Our Resolution," "Sustainability Management Vision," "Mid-term Management Plan" and "Business Plan" elements.

Group Ideals

"Group Ideals" express, from a long-term perspective, "the desired future form of the group."

Keeping Tokyo on the Move

Our Resolution

"Our Resolution" express clarification of the approaches to safety and service for our customers to achieve our group ideal, "Keeping Tokyo on the Move"

Sustainability Management Vision

Our sustainable management vision looks ahead to 2030 and lays out the Group's corporate management philosophy and the value we provide to stakeholders.

Please see here for details of each materiality theme.

Tokyo Metro Group -- Looking Ahead to 2030

Medium-Term Management Plan

Please see here for details of Medium-Term Business Plan (Japanese).

Business Plan

Please see here for details of Business Plan (Japanese).