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Standard procedure of open tendering

Tokyo Metro is subject to WTO Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) and in principle, conducts procurement through open tendering for contracts with value over the threshold listed below.

Item Threshold (VAT included)
Goods 15,000,000 JPY
Other services 15,000,000 JPY
Construction services 2,290,000,000 JPY
Services including engineering services related to construction. Other technical services 68,000,000 JPY

* Applicable period: April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2020

* Goods and construction services that are covered by the OSC (Operational Safety Clause) are not subject to Government Procurement.

Standard procedure of open tendering

1. Posting of the Tender Notice (Tokyo Metro -> Suppliers)

Tokyo Metro will post a Tender Notice in the Official Gazette ("Kanpo") and the company website.

2. Applying for a tender (Suppliers -> Tokyo Metro)

Companies willing to participate in tender should contact Tokyo Metro by means specified in the Tender Notice.

3. Distributing Tender Documents (Tokyo Metro ->Suppliers)

Tender Documents such as Instructions to Bidders and Technical Specifications will be distributed to eligible companies based on the conditions specified in the Tender Notice.

4. Q&A

Inquiries about the Tender Documents will be accepted via e-mail. Answers to the inquiries will be addressed to all the suppliers intended to participate in the tender, in order to ensure fairness of the competition.

5. Tender participation eligibility evaluation, results notification (Tokyo Metro -> Suppliers)

Eligibility to participate in Tender will be screened based on criteria set out in the Tender Notice and Instructions to Bidders. Results of the Evaluation will be notified to respective suppliers.

6. Submission of Form of Bid (Suppliers -> Tokyo Metro)

Suppliers should submit Form of Bid and Proposal Documents following instructions on the Tender Documents.

7. Proposal Evaluation

If the award criteria contain factors other than price, a proposal evaluation will be conducted based on rules set in the Tender Documents. In general, financial records, past activity records, manufacturing processes, and maintenance processes will be subject to evaluation. However, each procurement case has different criteria which should be referred to in the respective Tender Documentation. A presentation of the proposal by the bidder may be needed upon request.

8. Bid opening

Bids are to be opened at a time and place designated by Tokyo Metro. In principle, all bidders should be present for bid opening in order to ensure fairness of the competition.

9. Notification of the bidding results (Tokyo Metro -> Suppliers)

The successful bidder will be determined based on price and contents of the proposal. Unsuccessful bidders will be notified of the bidding results (name and address of the successful bidder and the price of the successful bidding) in writing. If requested by a bidder, the reasons for not choosing the bidder as a successful bidder (or disqualifying the bid) will be notified to the bidder who has made such a clarification request. Also, there is a certain period after the notification of the bidding results set for formal objections.

10. Conclusion of contract

A contract is concluded between the successful bidder and Tokyo Metro.

"Successful Bidder Notification" in the Official Gazette (Tokyo Metro)

The date of designating of the successful bidder and bidder’s name and address is published in the Official Gazette ("Kanpo").

12. Delivery and acceptance

After the product is delivered, Tokyo Metro will conduct inspection, and either accepts or rejects the items.

13. Payment (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Upon acceptance, the supplier is entitled to make a payment billing. Tokyo Metro makes the payment accordingly to the terms of the contract.

* The Japanese language will be used for communication during the tender procedures.