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Standard procedure of procurement of goods and construction services

Registration Procedure

Below is the standard procedure for supplier registration of goods and construction works.

1. Submission of an Application Form (Supplier -> Tokyo Metro)

Suppliers willing to apply as a Potential Supplier, except when participating in open tendering, should contact Suppliers of goods should fill out the “New Supplier Application” and send the completed form by e-mail. Information sent from suppliers will be used only for supplier registration purposes.

2. Response (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Tokyo Metro will send an "Application Form for Initial Evaluation" to companies deemed suitable for evaluation as a Potential Supplier. A rejection notice will be sent to companies in rest of the cases.

3. Submission of the Application Form for Initial Evaluation (Supplier -> Tokyo Metro)

Suppliers should submit the "Application Form for Initial Evaluation" after filling in necessary information (company name, contact information, product information, sales amount, supply record, etc.).

4. Initial Evaluation and notification of results (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Tokyo Metro will conduct Initial Evaluation and notify the result to the supplier. The main contents of Initial Evaluation are shown below. An "Application Form for Secondary Evaluation" will be sent to suppliers who have passed the Initial Evaluation.

Category Main contents of Initial Evaluation
Goods To have a proven supply record to urban railway in Japan or similar railways during the last 3 years; or, to submit evidence such as test results that shows that the product has the same or better quality compared to products with proven supply records
Construction services To have a technology to contribute to Tokyo Metro’s safe and stable transportation; and to have a proven record of prime contract work of an urban rail construction

In addition to the abovementioned evaluation, in some cases it is also required to undergo performance evaluation testing conducted by Tokyo Metro. Performance evaluation testing comprises of bench tests of finished product and durability evaluation tests on Tokyo Metro commercial lines. The bidder shall bear the expenses for conducting the necessary tests, however Tokyo Metro does not charge for usage of its lines, trains and labor costs.

5. Submission of Application Form for Secondary Evaluation (Supplier -> Tokyo Metro)

Suppliers should submit the "Application Form for Secondary Evaluation" after filling in necessary information.

6. Secondary Evaluation and the notification of results (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Tokyo Metro will conduct Secondary Evaluation and notify the result to the supplier. In the Secondary Evaluation process, we evaluate whether the supplier’s financial situation, supply capacity, maintenance and service organization fit our criteria. The main contents of the Secondary Evaluation are shown below.

Category Main contents of Secondary Evaluation
Products Financial metrics for the last 2 years (revenue, recurring margin, net income, liquidity ratio, capital adequacy ratio and short-term liquidity)
Construction In accordance with Article 27-23 of Construction Business Act of Japan

7. Conclusion of Master Agreement

Master Agreement is concluded between the supplier and Tokyo Metro. The supplier is also requested to submit the "CSR Procurement Questionnaire Survey Sheet" to ensure that it observes "Tokyo Metro Procurement Policy" and follows "Tokyo Metro Procurement Guidelines".

* The "Application Form for a new business transaction" may be submitted in either English or Japanese languages. However, the default language to be used for correspondence regarding “Submission of the Application Form for Initial Evaluation” and subsequent procedures will be Japanese language.

Procedure following the Request for Quotation

Standard procedure of a new procurement case goes as follows:

1. Request for Quotation (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Upon rising of a new procurement case of goods, Tokyo Metro makes Requests for Quotation to chosen registered companies having comprehensively considered financial health, trustworthiness, technology, previous record, facilities, etc. needed for implementation of the contract. When requesting for a quotation, we may also request for a technical proposal.

2. Submitting the Quotation (Supplier -> Tokyo Metro)

A company that has received a Request for Quotation should submit a quotation (and a Technical Proposal).

3. Evaluation and notification (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Tokyo Metro conducts internal evaluation based on a method notified in advance (such as the lowest price principle or comprehensive evaluation method), and notifies the highest ranked bidder the result.

4. Negotiating contract conditions

Price and other conditions of the contract are decided through negotiation.

5. Conclusion of contract

A contract is concluded between the successful bidder and Tokyo Metro.

6. Delivery and acceptance (Supplier -> Tokyo Metro)

After the product is delivered, Tokyo Metro will conduct inspection, and either accept or reject the items.

7. Payment (Tokyo Metro -> Supplier)

Upon acceptance, the supplier is entitled to make a payment billing. Tokyo Metro makes the payment accordingly to the terms of the contract.

* Default language to be used during the procedures following the Request for Quotation will be Japanese language.