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Corporate Information

If fire breaks out


If fire breaks out at a station

What should I do if I spot fire inside the train?
"Firstly, move to a railcar away from the car in which the fire is happening, and inform a member of the train crew using one of the emergency notification devices.
Each car is also equipped with a fire-extinguisher that can be used for initial fire-extinguishing efforts."
What will happen to the train if there is a fire?
The trains are made of materials that do not easily burn or melt, meaning that the fire should not spread quickly or easily. Closing the doors between train cars can also help prevent the spreading of smoke. If a fire does occur mid-service, the train will drive to the next station as long as it is safe to do so. Once the train arrives at the station, please follow the instructions of the train crew and station staff and evacuate promptly.
Even if there is a fire, please do not exit the train unnecessarily
The tunnels are dark, the footing on the track is unstable and there are also high-voltage cables present, all of which make it extremely dangerous. Furthermore, there may also be trains running on adjacent tracks. Even if the train does stop temporarily, leaving the train unnecessarily is not only dangerous but may also impede other passengers from being able to evacuate promptly. Please follow the instructions of the train staff, and act in a calm and reasonable manner.

If fire breaks out at a station

Are fires at stations typically discovered right away?
Heat and smoke detectors are installed throughout our stations, allowing the staff at the station office to identify the location of any detected high-temperatures or smoke caused by fire. If you discover a fire, please press the nearest fire alarm button or notify a member of the station staff immediately.
What will happen to the station if there is a fire?
Please follow the instructions given by the station staff and evacuate accordingly. The automatic fire alarm detects high-temperatures and smoke, after which the fire doors (two-stage-closing types) and smoke exhaust units operate automatically to prevent the spreading and build up of smoke. In order to ensure safe evacuation of everyone, we have installed two-way evacuation routes and guide lights that will allow you to see more easily in the dark or if there is smoke.
The role of station staff who discovered the fire
The station staff shall separately confirm the location of the fire, perform initial fire-extinguishing activities, inform both the fire department and the Tokyo Metro Control Center, and evacuate all people accordingly. They shall also centrally manage all necessary activities including dealing with the fire(s), handling people and coordinating with the arriving fire-fighting team.
The Control Center that received the report of fire shall request support from the relevant agencies and update the train crews and passengers of trains on the affected routes with information on the fire so as to prevent further damage.