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Corporate Information


Strengthening our Business Foundations

We will aim to strengthen our business foundations based upon the core concepts of ESG in order to ensure the realization of the three keywords that form the basis of this business plan.
We will also use our business to help resolve societal issues while contributing to the achievement of our SDGs.


Fostering a Culture of Safety

With a view to prioritizing safety first, we will foster a culture of safety within the company by implementing measures such as safety training and education so that each and every employee will be able to think and respond appropriately when it comes to preventing the occurrence or re-occurrence of accidents.

Creating a Business Culture with a Strong Awareness of Safety Issues

We will improve safety awareness by having all employees, including those of group companies, take part in safety training that utilizes the Safety Consciousness Development Center

Internalizing the Concept of the Human Factor

We will work to reduce human error through education and internalizing our understanding of the concept of the human factor. In addition, a committee meeting including external experts on the subject will be held in order to evaluate whether or not our initiatives are adequate.

Demonstrating Collective Strength by Strengthening Inter-Department Collaboration

We will implement training programs for developing human-resources connected to the railway businesses, improve our staff's professional skills through OJT, and improve the ability of our staff to respond appropriately and safely to situations with skills acquired through knowledge, expertise and experience. We will also implement measures that look for predictors of malfunctions to facilities and equipment along with comprehensive training that will teach high level skills to employees beyond their department.

Improve Safety Management Systems Through PDCA Cycles

We will formulate a plan for transportation safety through the proper running of our transport safety management system, ensure that our safety policy is widespread and fully understood, and implement a variety of appropriate measures.
We will also check the progress of these initiatives through internal safety audits, and promote further improvements to the safety management system through PDCA cycles.

「Safety Consciousness Development Center」(Within the Comprehensive Learning and Training Center)

A facility whose aim is to create a business culture with a strong awareness of safety issues so that accidents that have occurred in the past are not forgotten or allowed to happen again.


Environmental Conservation Activities

Based upon our basic environmental policy and our long-term environmental strategy "Minna de ECO." ("Eco by Everyone"), we will work together with our users and the regions along our routes to lessen the impact our business activities have upon the environment, while also proactively working toward solutions to societal problems from the perspective of our SDGs.

Tokyo Metro Long-Term Environmental Strategy "Minna de ECO." ("Eco by Everyone")

With global environmental conservation as one of the challenges facing our business, we have formulated a long-term environmental strategy named "Minna de ECO." together with our users and the communities that we serve with the purpose of implementing a variety of initiatives that can help us reduce our impact upon the environment. As part of this, we have set upon three key themes.
As regards the Tokyo Metro Group's efforts toward helping Japan achieve its goals of reducing its greenhouse gases as agreed at the Paris Agreement, we will focus on further energy-saving measures for our railway facilities and promoting the use of public transport through leveraging the idea of railways being a highly energy-efficient means of transportation. Through these initiatives we will aim to reduce CO2 emissions for society as a whole.

Three Themes

Tokyo Metro Improving own Green Credentials

→Reducing our Environmental Impact

  • Preventing global warming

  • Reducing waste and the consumption of resources

  • Reducing noise and vibrations

  • Prevention of environmental pollution

Solar-power system at Nishi-Funabashi Station
Be Green with Tokyo Metro

→Reducing Environmental Impact Through Large-Scale Uptake of Tokyo Metro Services

  • Promoting the use of public transport

Barrier-free station entrance/exits
Expansion of signage systems
Green Initiatives with Our Communities

→Engaging in environmental conservation activities together with local communities along our routes

  • Environmental conservation through collaboration with local communities

Community cleaning activities
Environmental conservation activities in green land conservation areas

Tokyo Metro Improving own Green Credentials and Preventing Global Warming

Click here for larger image(PDF:109MB)


Social Contribution Activities

Through putting into practice the group philosophy, we will, as a responsible corporate citizen deeply rooted within the Tokyo region, contribute to the development of a sustainable society by helping find solutions to a range of social issues related to our SDGs. We will do this through initiatives that utilize certain core competencies of the Tokyo Metro Group, including our railway business and other related businesses.

Railway Service Initiatives Offering Peace of Mind for Everybody

We will implement a variety of initiatives, starting with the installation of barrier-free facilities, so that passengers, including those who are visually impaired, using a wheelchair or elderly, can use our take the subway with peace of mind.

  • Promotion of dialog and mutual understanding with passengers with disabilities by holding hands-on learning sessions about railway facilities

  • Providing navigational tools through collaboration with NPOs and other industries

Hands-On Learning Session at Railway Facility
Development of Navigation Tools for Users with Visual Impairments

Approaches to Resolving Social Issues Through Collaboration with Stakeholders

We will promote initiatives through dialog and cooperation with change makers (social entrepreneurs) who use their businesses to help resolve societal issues. We will also promote other initiatives that involve the participation of users of our services.

  • Donation of emergency provisions through NPOs

  • Supporting efforts to resolve societal issues through public participation

  • Cooperation on the Ministry of the Environment sponsored "COOL CHOICE Challenge" event and the "Team Mottainai" activities organized by the city of Tokyo

Supporting Efforts to Resolve Societal Issues Through Public Participation
Staff and Their Families Volunteering by Passing Out Water

Support for Education, Sports and Culture

Through support activities in the education, sports and culture sectors and with a view to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will implement initiatives that help contribute to the blooming of the city.

  • Main sponsor of the Tokyo Marathon

  • Sponsor Sports for Athletes with Disabilities

  • "Subway" Pavillion at KidZania Tokyo

  • Promotion of public transportation cultural programs, such as the Tokyo Metro Museum, through the Metro Cultural Foundation

  • Establishment of a women's road relay race club

Tokyo Metro is an official partner (passenger rail transit service) of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Activities Supported by the Metro Cultural Foundation, for example Tokyo Metro Museum, among others.
Sponsor Sports for Athletes with Disabilities

Creating an Open and Vibrant Corporate Culture

We will create an open and vibrant corporate culture as part of our aim to be a company in which each and every employee is able to maximize their own potential. In tandem to this, we will also develop our human resources in a way that allows us to enhance the Tokyo Metro Group's business value.

Creating Job Satisfaction

Under the slogan of "WORK × LIFE SMILE ACTION--Enabling All Employees to Maximize Their Potential," we will review company-wide working styles, including for those working in more hands-on roles, and promote initiatives that place the improvement of employee health as a challenge for our business as part of our efforts to improve employee job satisfaction and generate new possibilities to grow the Tokyo Metro Group.

Company-Wide Work Style Reforms

  • Creation of a system that supports a positive work-life balance through assistance for childcare, care-giving and other forms of care and treatment, enabling our employees to work with increased peace of mind

  • Creation of communication opportunities that effectively improve employee job satisfaction

  • Optimize work proceedures through use of new technologies

Health Management That Brings Out the Vitality of Employees

  • Establish a committee for the promotion of health management, and use this to promote the health of company employees and their families, enabling us to create an environment in which employees are able to maximize their own potential

  • Initiatives that help build and maintain the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees so that they can continue to work in good health, including such efforts to improve the quality of employee sleep and diet, and conduct sports-science based research

Development of Human Resources

In addition to providing reassurance by implementing education and training activities through use of the General Training Center, we will also conduct training that will allow us to respond to changes, develop new businesses and incorporate new technologies and knowledge that will enable us to deliver sustainable growth. We will also proactively carry out education and training sessions at each of our work sites so that we can develop human resources that are able to contribute to the development of the Tokyo Metro Group.

Fostering a Spirit of Challenging Ourselves

We will foster a spirit that encourages the making of improvements to the company by giving credit to initiatives that improve our business value and by implementing proposals from employees for improvements through the Tamago in-house proposal system.
In addition, we will host meetings that allow direct communication between staff and management with the aim of encouraging increased levels of mutual understanding between the groups and awareness of company issues. In addition to increasing employee job satisfaction, we also hope that this will allow employees and management to work together to increase our business value.

Promotion of Diversity in Management

We will work to create an environment that allows the flourishing of a diverse workforce, regardless of gender, age, disability, lifestyle, etc. We will tie-in ideas born from a diverse set of perspectives to new services and improvements in business value.

Improving the Group's Collective Strength

We will implement appropriate and efficient business operations for the entire group, and improve the expertise of each of our companies to help improve our group's collective strength.

Promotion of Group Management

The duties that group companies should fulfill are: (1) Ensuring safe and stable transportation, (2) Increasing earnings and profits for the entire group, and (3) Improving expertise and quality, with the aim to increase sustainable business value by having each company collaborate based around these values.

  • Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
  • Metro Service Co., Ltd.

    General cleaning services and security guard dispatching services.

  • Retail and service operations and station operations.

    Retail and service operations and station operations.

  • Metro Station Facilities Co., Ltd.

    Station facilities maintenance operations

  • Metro Sharyo Co., Ltd.

    Rolling stock maintenance operations.

  • Metro Rail Facilities Co., Ltd.

    Infrastructure maintenance operations.

  • Metro Development Co., Ltd.

    Management of real estate located below elevated tracks and construction related operations.

  • Subway Maintenance Co., Ltd.

    Electrical maintenance operations.

  • Tokyo Metro Urban Development Co., Ltd.

    Development of real estate, lease and management of office buildings, etc.

  • Metro Properties Co., Ltd.

    Operation of retail stores within train stations, management of commercial facilities such as commercial buildings, and management of dining establishments

  • Metro Ad Agency Co., Ltd.

    Management of advertising media and advertising agency operations.

  • Metro Life Support Co., Ltd

    Human resources/welfare related operations.

  • Metro Business Associe Co., Ltd.

    Office work operations related to human resources/accounting/system management.

  • Metro Fleur Co., Ltd.

    Cleaning operations in buildings, etc.


    Support of Vietnam urban railway development operations.

  • Metro Cultural Foundation

    Operation of Subway Museum and other public service enterprises.

Group Companies

Effective Business Operations

With an eye to the future, we will promote efficient business operations through cost reductions, productivity improvements and through the creativity and originality of each of our employees and reviews to our working methods. We will also continue to work on speeding up decision making across all group companies through the delegation of authority.


Improving Corporate Governance

In order to become a fully trusted business group, we will ensure transparency and fairness in our business dealings and strive toward the speedy execution of our operations as we aim to further improve our corporate governance.

Improving Corporate Governance

Improving our corporate governance with the aim of becoming a trusted business group will allow us to ensure transparency and fairness in our business dealings. We will also strive toward the speedy execution of our operations, and aim for more efficient management of our business.

Promotion of Compliance Risk Management

We will manage various risks and ensure thorough compliance by stipulating the basic practices related to promotions and operations in the "Basic Rules for Compliance Risk Management." Along with this, we will also make further improvements to our whistleblower system and other systems such as those for preventing harassment, as well as promote various initiatives to improve their effectiveness.

Promotion of International Procurement

Under a transparent, fair and impartial system, we will promote international procurement from a global perspective in order to procure high-quality and technologically superior products with guaranteed after-care, all at the optimal price.


Improving Our Business Organization

With a view to our three-year Medium-Term Business Plan and beyond, we will improve our business organization and follow through on the implementation of a variety of initiatives.

Improving our Real-Estate Business System

We will improve our systems by diversifying and specializing our real-estate business sector.

Strengthening Our Systems for Promoting Sustainable Business

We will specify important societal issues that the Tokyo Metro Group should address as part of our SDGs and other objectives, and will establish a new system so that these can be incorporated into our business strategy and implemented through our business.

Strengthening our Systems to Speed Up the Creation of New Business

In order to speed up the process of promoting new businesses, we will strengthen our systems with a view toward the establishment of new companies.

Strengthening Our Investigation and Research Systems for New Technologies

We will strengthen our systems for investigating and performing research into new technologies, including in sectors other than railways.