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This section provides information about actual or expected delays of 15 minutes or more for train services.



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Tokyo Metro All-line Pass

The Tokyo Metro All-line Pass allows you to take unlimited rides on all Tokyo Metro lines as long as the pass is valid. (A magnetic railway pass can be used by whoever possesses the card, while a PASMO card pass can only be used by the person registered on the card.)

*The prices shown include the train station barrier-free fee.

Tokyo Metro All-line Pass


Valid period Price
1 month 17,670 yen
3 months 50,360 yen
6 months 95,420 yen

*The prices shown include the train station barrier-free fee.

Using Credit Card

Credit cards are accepted to purchase Passes.
You need your PIN to use a credit card. Only a one-time payment is accepted. These credit cards are available at Multi-functional Ticket Machines and Tokyo Metro Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry locations.

  • Only cash is accepted for Passes sold by some Pass Office & Pass Inquiry locations, as shown below.
  • Ayase Station Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry: JR Line Passes departing from Ayase Station (between Ayase and Kanamachi), and Passes connecting the JR Line departing from Ayase Station to other subway lines (between Ayase and Matsudo connecting to Shin-keisei Line, etc.)
  • Nakano/Nishi-funabashi Station: Student/Commuter Railway Passes which depart from and arrive at these station

VISA、MasterCard、JCB、To Me Card

Valid routes

All Tokyo Metro lines

Purchasing a pass

You may purchase a new pass up to 14 days before actually using it.


When refunding a valid railway pass, the number of months used will be deducted from the original purchase price of the pass along with a 220 yen handling fee. You will be required to show your identification when requesting a refund.
As railway passes are issued in one-month periods, refunds for the unused portion of a pass will also be refunded based on the number of FULL months remaining. For example, if you have used one month and one day of a 3-month pass, a full two months' fare will be deducted in addition to a 220 yen handling fee. The refund calculation method is as follows:

Period Used Amount Refunded
1 month Pass fare − (1 month fare + handling fee)
2 months Pass fare − [(1 month fare × 2) + handling fee]
3 months Pass fare − (3 month fare + handling fee)
4 months Pass fare − (3 month fare + 1 month fare + handling fee)
5 months Pass fare − [3 month fare + (1 month fare × 2) + handling fee]
  • Note 1: The following calculation method is used when refunding a pass within 7 days of its taking effect.
    Pass fare - (330 yen × number of days used + 220 yen handling fee) = Refund amount
  • Note 2: When refunding a pass purchased with credit card, the same credit card is required.
  • Note 3:When refunding a pass, please bring a form of identification (driver's license, passport, insurance card, school identification card, etc.).
    If you have an agent refund your pass, please have the agent bring a proxy, copy of an official certificate of the mandator, and a form of identification of the agent (driver's license, etc.).
    If you purchase a pass with a credit card, you cannot use an agent. This is because credit cards cannot be entrusted to any other persons (including family members) according to the terms of the agreement with card companies though the procedure requires a credit card.

If there is no Metro Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry nearby

Please purchase a regular ticket of Tokyo Metro Line and a pass at your nearby Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry.

About handling up to Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry

This applies to customers who use Tokyo Metro Line with a valid regular ticket and purchase or refund a pass at Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry.
Please note that this shall not apply if you purchase a pass at Nakano or Nishi-funabashi Station.


Please purchase a regular ticket at the station to the Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry and tell the gate attendant that you will purchase and refund a pass at Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry at the time of boarding. The attendant will certify the ticket.

The regular ticket is refunded when you purchase or refund a pass at Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry, so please give it to the attendant of Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry. (Please use the passage with a gate attendant when getting out of the station with Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry.)


When purchasing and refunding a pass at Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry, please ask for a pass from the station with the Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry to the station where you boarded (limited to the stations of Tokyo Metro Station.).

  • If you can board with the purchased pass, please use a pass.

If you lose the pass

Please consult your nearest station. If the lost pass is found, a station attendant will notify you when a phone number is written as a contact in the pass purchase application. (Magnetic passes cannot be reissued if lost.)

If the lost pass is found after purchasing a new pass, we will refund the newly purchased pass as follows.

Refund amount = Regular pass fare - (Fare used in units of 1 period [regarded as 1 period if the used number of days is less than 1 period] + refund charge of 220 yen)

  • 1 Period is the unit based on 10 days, which is one third of 1 month. However, 1 period may not be 10 days if 1 period is calculated including the last day of the month for months whose numbers of days are not 30. (Regarded as 10 days regardless of the actual number of days.)
    e.g. 1 period from January 10th...January 10th to 19th, 1 period from February 25th: February 25th to March 4th, 1 period from August 25th...August 25th to September 4th
  • 2 If you lose a PASMO pass, you can reissue it by the specified procedure. For details, confirm the site of PASMO.
  • 3 For reissue of PASMO commuter passes issued by Tokyo Metro, please come to the Tokyo Metro Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry counter. (Excludes Nakano & Nishi-Funabashi. Pass Offices & Pass Inquiry counter is open 7:40 am to 8 pm)